Agrovim is a 100% mexican company founded on 2009, located in the city of Uruapan, Michoacan, the heart of avocado production region of Mexico.

We are dedicated to design, produce and sell molded fibre packaging materials focused to protect, transport and exhibit the products of our customers, using the highest technology and a great working team.

We strive for preserving and improving everyday the quality, safety and innocuity of our products, for satisfying our customers, and for giving them the best service as well.


To look after and preserve the quality of our customers´ products, through the supply of molded fiber packaging materials.


To become the national leader in the design and production of molded fiber packaging materials for the fresh food industry.

General Goals

We believe that the base of our company is the development of a high performance team, whose efforts are centered on values, disciplines and systems for working as a world class manufacturing, assuring a level of service and product for having highly satisfied customers, and as a consequence to achieve excellent financial results.

Advantages of the molded fiber

The molded fiber is a material which can have several applications in diverse sectors. It is an alternate material for replacing the use of plastics and other materials, it offers excellent shock and vibration protection to the products contained inside it during its transportation and manipulation, it provides good ventilation and moisture resistance for achieving the preservation of fresh food products like fruits and eggs. It can be easily molded to the required shape for any product, it has low cost and its use reduces the impact to our planet, due to it reduces, reuses and recycles materials used in other industries.

ISO 9001:2015

Agrovim está certificada
en ISO 9001:2015.