Evironment friendly company

Every year, Agrovim processes large amounts of fiber which helps to reduce our environment impact, due to:

Recycling a ton of paper avoids cutting down 31 trees, 4,000 kW of energy, 270 liters of oils, 10.2 million of energy BTU´s , 26,000 liters of water and 3.5 cubic meters of space in the dumpsters.
Burning a ton of paper could generate up to 750 kg of carbon dioxide
Recycling paper saves 65% of the required energy for generating a new one and reduces in a meaningful way the water and air pollution in a 35% and 74% respectively.
Recycling a ton of corrugated paper saves 390 kWh of energy, 176 liters of oil, 6.6 million of energy BTUs and 5 cubic meters of space in the landfills.
Recycling carton requires only 75% of the energy needed for making a new one.